School Science Incursions

ENGAGE your students, INSPIRE tomorrow’s leaders and ACHIEVE positive outcomes with school science incursions by Street Science!

Street Science is a Brisbane-based team of passionate science educators offering a huge range of science incursions. Our programs are designed by experienced educators and are tailored to suit students of all ages. Each of our school science incursions is designed to engage, excite and inspire your students to learn more about the world of science. Our secret? We make real science seriously FUN!

Our school science incursions and vacation incursion programs are facilitated by fully trained and experienced science communicators. The Street Science team has a mix of science and education backgrounds, which allows us to create engaging and exciting shows your students will love. We use a blend of humour, exciting demonstrations and age-appropriate scientific explanations to create an interactive science experience that can be enjoyed by all ages!

Ready to book a school science incursion for your classroom? You can find the details in the documents below, or contact us if you’d like to get started with planning your program!

Science Incursions and Workshops for Schools

Street Science has developed science incursions, workshops and stage shows designed to get your students involved!

Through our incursions and workshops, our team of professional science communicators will demonstrate, explore and explain meaningful scientific concepts to your students. Our school science incursions span multiple units and science curriculum sub-strands, making our programs perfect for students of every age. In seriously FUN Street Science style, our school science incursions and workshops encourage students to participate from the audience or to get up on stage and have a go themselves!

We’ve designed programs that can get the entire school involved! Whether it’s a single day or a week-long event, Street Science incursions and workshops can support your science celebrations. Contact us if you’d like help planning your science incursion program.

Plan Your School Science Incursion with Street Science!


We love exploring science with the youngest of students to help them explain meaningful and age-appropriate scientific concepts.

Year 1

Street Science encourages confidence in science from an early age through audience participation and inquiry-based learning.

Year 2

Students will learn by doing, question concepts, develop inquiry skills and follow scientific processes.

Year 3

Our programs are designed to complement classroom units throughout the year, each centred around a particular science understanding sub-strand or concept.

Year 4

We connect scientific principles to real-world applications and bring the curriculum to life!

Year 5

Street Science ignites the curiosity in your students and makes science relevant to their everyday life.

Year 6

Our science communicators inspire and motivate with their passion for science and education, giving your students a unique experience every time.

Year 7 to 10

Keep the excitement for science going well into high school with our programs that are designed to engage, challenge and ignite students’ curiosity.

I would definitely recommend the show and workshop together, as the show grabbed the children’s interest and the workshop gave the chance to explore making changes themselves.

– Lori, Year 1 Teacher

One of my students said it was her “best day EVER!”. The children were learning so much without realising it. We had been working on materials chanign in class, and the presentation and workshop supported this learning brilliantly!

– Gemma, Year 1 Teacher

It was fun, exciting and very engaging. Our presenters were very friendly and interactive with the students, giving clear instructions and guidance throughout the day. The experiments aligned perfectly with the curriculum and were very hands on and practical, and the students could make connections with what they had learnt in class.

– Elyse, Year 1 Teacher