Vacation Care

Keep your kids engaged and excited all year long!

Street Science provides a variety of entertaining science-themed workshops for Vacation Care and OSHC that expose everyone to some seriously fun science.

Our sessions are run by experienced science communicators who mix humour, exciting demonstrations and quality scientific explanations into an interactive science experience. Your students will be immersed in our ‘Pop Up’ science lab where they get hands-on to complete scientific activities.

We personalise the workshop based on the science theme of your choice to make sure it’s a fun and relevant activity for all ages.

We complete workshops in groups (up to 70 kids per session) to ensure that each student receives personalised instruction.

Slime and Snow

In our most popular workshop, your children will each undertake 2 experiments! Students makes their own tub of slime through a wonderfully weird chemical reaction followed by piles of fluffy Instant Snow.

CO2 Rockets

Your kids will each build a small rocket made from plastic and foam, decorate it, and then head outside to shoot their rockets around. Focused kids can get these to fly seriously high and can use their understanding of forces to modify their rockets’ flight patterns. (Best for older crowds 7yrs+)

Polymer Worms, Balls and All

In this workshop your kids will mix chemicals to produce a range of plastic creations. These unusual polymers can be manipulated to create long stringy worms, weird rubber balls and any other shapes limited only by your students’ imaginations.

Neon Coloured Super Bouncy Balls

Ever wanted to experience the way materials change whilst designing and then creating your very own ‘Super Bouncy Balls’? This workshop has your students making beautifully bright bouncy balls whilst learning about the properties of polymers.

Why Book Us?

We bring exciting experiences through hands-on workshops directly to you!

When you book Street Science we work to take the hassle out of booking an incursion, making all of the paperwork associated with the incursion as simple as possible. You will be supported from the initial booking by our expert team to help select the perfect science experience right through until after our visit with post-event communication.

Our visits are all-inclusive. We bring all the gear, set up smoothly, and pack-down; leaving zero mess! We only leave behind smiling faces and a fresh excitement for science learning. Our emphasis on inquiry-based learning keeps everyone engaged throughout our entire visit, and well after we have packed the van and headed back to Street Science HQ.

We had the best time with you guys! Our instructor was AMAZING! Kept the kids super engaged and was easily able to control a room full of kids of all ages.

– OSHC Coordinator
Life School Age Care

The children were really engaged and had heaps of fun. They were so excited to show their parents what they had made!

– OSHC Coordinator
Young Discovers OSHC

Laura was once again fantastic! And out of all the outside entertainment that come in on the school holidays, Laura & her science is by far the best.

– Event Organiser
Bunnings Keperra

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