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Deliver INCREDIBLE lessons that INSPIRE and EXCITE your students with school science kits by Street Science!

The Street Science team is made up of experienced science communicators. We’re serious about making science fun and accessible for students of all ages, and our school science kits are designed to do just that. Featuring our signature humour and all the materials you need to conduct a hands-on lesson, our school science kits are the best way to get your students involved with the concepts they’re learning. We’ve put together science education kits for Prep, Primary school and High School students, so we’ve got an age-appropriate lesson for every grade level!



Snowmaking Unleashed

Awaken the investigative minds of your youngest scientists with our spectacular Snowmaking classroom kit! This lesson focuses on using the senses to understand how to use observable evidence to classify curious materials and assess whether they’re real or fake. ‘Tis the season to get hands on while learning about some seriously fun science!


Sensory Science: Snowmaking Unleashed

Capture the curiosity and sharpen the senses of your Prep class with our sensational Sensory Science lesson! Your students will learn to make sense of the world around us, exploring what they can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch by creating instant snow and identifying its unique properties. Using scientific language, your class will describe the magic of building their very own winter wonderland.

Year 1

Bouncy Balls: Cheeky Changes Unleashed

Spring into seriously fun science education with our Bouncy Ball Classroom Kit! This lesson will have your students bouncing with enthusiasm as they embark on a journey of discovery to learn what happens when changes are made to different materials. Lead your students through creating their own bouncy balls so they can experience chemistry in action and have a fun new toy to take home and play with!

Year 1

Get it Growing Unleashed

From little things, big things grow! Plant the seed of passion for biology in the minds of your students as they explore the external features of living things and their life cycles. This fully equipped learning kit comes with everything your budding scientists will need to put theory into practice and get their hands dirty, as they pot their very own plant with everything it needs to flourish and grow!

Year 2

Rocket Science: Push and Pull Unleashed

Ready…set…launch! Watch your students transform into a team of Rocketeers as they shuttle through this unforgettable lesson on the forces around us. Through developing their understanding of pushes and pulls, gravity and friction, your class will be mesmerised by the many ways that applying forces can affect an object’s movement. May the force be with you!

Year 2

Perfect Polymers: Mixing Materials Unleashed

Mix things up in your science curriculum by slipping and sliming into our Mixing Materials classroom kit! Transform your students into Classroom Chemists as they learn different ways to create physical changes to materials. Your students will be oozing with fascination as they investigate the properties of various materials and combine safe chemicals to formulate their very own take-home slime!

Year 3

Perfect Polymers: Cool Chemistry Unleashed

Is your class ready to turn up the heat? Your students will be fired up as they see various states of matter transform before their eyes when heat is applied or removed in this trailblazing lesson.  They’ll then witness the power of state changes by examining how different materials behave under different circumstances and the outcome of these changes on everyday objects.

Year 4

Rocket Science: Forces and Flight Unleashed

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for liftoff in 3, 2, 1…! Take your students on a Rocket Science expedition that gives them the opportunity to investigate Newton’s laws of physics through building and launching their own CO2 rockets. Through the course of the lesson, they’ll also explore how applying contact and non-contact forces can change the movement of an object.

Year 4

Creating Processed Materials

‘Cause we are living in a material world! Watch as your students morph into Classroom Chemists by using natural and processed materials to learn about the fundamental stages of change, and create their own wacky creations while they’re at it. This transformative classroom kit treats your students to a hands-on experimentation session where they’ll mix various mesmerising materials to make some weird and wild polymers.

Year 5

Polymers: States of Matter Unleashed

Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Is it a gas? Or is it something more mysterious? This lesson will answer all these questions and more! Your junior scientists will investigate particle behaviour within solids, liquids and gases, how they change state, and how this influences the ways we use everyday materials. This lesson is sure to stimulate a great deal of discussion amongst your students as they learn more about why matter matters.

Year 6

Perfect Polymers: Chemistry in Action Unleashed

To find the answer, sometimes you’ve got to ask the right question. In this lesson, students will learn how to change or keep variables the same to explore measurable changes to their polymers through their own fair test.  Delving further into reversible and irreversible changes, your class will discover how a simple change in chemical processing can significantly affect observable physical outcomes.

Highschool Physics

Electromagnetism unleashed classroom kit

Electromagnetism Unleashed 

With this collaboration between Street Science and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), students explore the scientific concept of Energy Transformations through a series of electromagnetism investigations. Electromagnetism is the interaction between electricity and magnetism, and is one approach to generating electricity.

Hands On Science Kits for Your Classroom

INSPIRE your students to get involved with our EXCITING hands on science kits! There’s no better way to engage tomorrow’s science leaders than by giving them a chance to get hands-on with the material they’re learning. The school science kits offered by Street Science are designed by experienced educators who know just what it takes to get students excited for science. Our secret is that our school science kits are designed to facilitate a FUN lesson that can be enjoyed by students of all ages!

At Street Science we’re passionate about delivering science education in a way that sticks. Our science kits for schools come with everything you need to plan lessons that make a real impact on your students. Designed to complement classroom units and meet Australian curriculum standards, our school science kits provide fun, exciting and interactive lessons your students will love. Each of our science education kits focuses on a particular concept or Science Understanding. That means they’re perfect for incorporating into existing curriculums as a way to help students grasp and apply new concepts all at once!